The Importance of The Master Builder Custom Council to Home Buyers

By Kev
At Dec 24, 2017

Master Custom Builder Council


The Significance of our MCBC Membership

Master Custom Builder Council members are evaluated on a constant basis in order to assess each builder’s credit score, quality of workmanship, customer satisfaction, liens and past due amounts.
Ongoing membership of the Master Custom Builder Council is subject to satisfactory compliance of the MCBC assessment process.
Our latest MCBC Credit Report and membership status is attached.

The Purpose of the MCBC

Joining the MCBC is not an easy process.  A builder must be nominated by two existing MCBC members.  Following that, the builder’s financial status, the ability to demonstrate quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.   Out of hundreds of Central Florida custom builders, only 26 have been awarded membership status within the MCBC.  The McNally Construction Group is  very proud to be one of the longest standing MCBC members.

The Master Custom Builders Council was formed by a group of Central Florida’s leading custom builders with a view to maintaining the highest possible standards of integrity, regulatory compliance and workmanship.
As a member of the Master Custom Builder Council, we pledge to…

  • Use honesty and integrity as the primary guide for our business policy,
  • Deal fairly with our customers, each other, employees, subs and suppliers,
  • Use the highest standards in the workmanship of the homes we build,
  • Always be professional in every area of our lives,
  • Personally participate in the community service projects promoted by the organization.

The MCBC is operated as a democratic council, and offers impartial advice to home owners.
No single builder can determine their own status within the MCBC and the organization values its unbiased integrity above all else in the interest of the home owner.
It is purely there to ensure that builder’s home buyers can trust a level of integrity and compliance so that they can invest in a home with confidence.
Should you have an issue with any member builder of the MCBC, you may raise a complaint in person and the MCBC will offer advice on how to resolve your concern.

You may at any time contact the MCBC as follows;


Voice: (407) 875-2121   Email:

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