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Top 10 Tips For A Perfect Luxury Home – Part 3 of 3

By Kev
At Feb 07, 2017

Contemporary luxury bedroom

Perhaps one of the most important yet difficult rooms in a home to design, the living room has to deal with the biggest workload.
Tradeoffs are inevitable;
Lots of natural daylight puts a spring in our step, but can interfere heavily with TV screens.
Nice tall double height ceilings are impressive, but late night chatting can travel up into bedrooms.
Understanding how a family will function in a home will enable the best design.
Placement of the living room in relation to the rest of the home is key to keeping the family connected together, and a surge in open layout designs has been hugely popular.
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Sofas, breakfast bars and nooks have pushed the formal dining table out of common use these days, but a great dining room is a pleasure to use on special occasions.
With enough room for elbows and walking around, even the smallest formal dining room can add a little magic to a family occasion or celebration.
Accents tend work very well when based around a table centre piece, a great light fixture and some cool artwork.
If you have room to spare for some accent chairs and cabinet, the dining room will reward your efforts!
Some great dining room designs

Perhaps the most ‘under planned’ room of the home, the bedrooms take care of for at least a third of the day, but often get treated as a ‘box’ with a door on it.
Often bedrooms are designed with ‘Now’ in mind, but people’s needs change rapidly and every effort to ‘future proof’ a bedroom design can pay rewards.
Bedrooms need to be warm, bright and welcoming by day, yet cozy, restful and quiet by night.
Positioning is key for a restful night, away from pool pumps, AC units and other noisier family members.
Consideration should be given to how a bedroom for pre-schooler will cope with that same kid as a college student.
Space for relaxation, study, hobbies and music are the key to success of a great bedroom design.
Enabling the bedroom owner to play a role in design and decor is always a great move (sometimes in moderation!).
Some great visual ideas for bedroom designs.
Design tips for rooms with limited space.

Bathrooms really fall into two distinct categories, defined mainly by lifestyle.
If kids are happy just to have their own shower and privacy, a nicely tiled, relatively simple bathroom can do the trick and at a relatively low cost.
After all, most kids want to spend as little time in that room as possible!
Things get a little more costly when the bathroom begins to serve as an extension of our lifestyle.
If your epitome of luxury, is a glass of wine by candle light, chatting to your partner, then costs are starting to rise already.
The size of the bathroom, the tiling and room for seating and twin vanities soon bump the price up, but it’s your dream home!
Teenagers might not want to take a candlelit bath in your top specification dream bathroom, but they may want to get ready, put their makeup on with their best friend chatting beside them.  That adds a little extra space onto your oldest daughter’s bathroom for sure!
Some great visual ideas for bathroom designs.

Christmas, Halloween and hobbies place an unexpected burden on your storage needs.
So do seasonal clothing and equipment.
Be sure to plan ahead and build in as much storage space as possible, but equally don’t go crazy.  More space = more clutter!

Automation, (the internet of things), home security and lighting control are all hot topics at the home design shows.
Although technology is changing rapidly, the infrastructure is thankfully stable.  In other words, what you commit to now, probably won’t need a major rewire of your home in 10 years time.
Cat5 cabling, WiFi and Bluetooth are industry standards for the ‘bells and whistles’ of Hi-Tech gadgetry.
Technology is always changing though, and the best advice appears to be to tread lightly, keep costs and complexity to a minimum, but design your automation needs around the lifestyle of your family.
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