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Building With McNally – Owner FAQs

By Kev
At Aug 23, 2017


Family Fun Luxury Pool Home

About McNally

How Long Has McNally Been in Business?

McNally’s first construction projects were back in 1850 and the growing McNally team is set to be here in Central Florida for many more generations of great home builders.

How Do We Contact You Before, During and After a Build?

Full, direct access to each member of the McNally team by cell and email.
Guaranteed same day (we aim to provide replies within 1 working hour).

What Experience Do You Have in Building Luxury Homes?

  • McNally was one of only 4 Disney Approved Custom Builders in Celebration Fl

Over 400 custom builders applied to create Disney’s vision of a perfect American town.
After painstaking selection processes, Disney contacted every single McNally homeowner to ensure that they were in fact dealing with Florida’s finest custom builders.  McNally proudly created the majority of Celebration’s signature, custom mansions.
(A 2009, 6 bedroom McNally custom home, that McNally originally sold for $1.7m, beat the great recession and is now valued at $4.375m)
(A further Celebration home of ours was featured in the PBS show ‘This Old House’)

  • McNally built the very first ‘super home’ in Reunion Resort.

The very first 8 bedroom home, which started the current trend of multifamily vacation mansions in Orlando.

  • Our approved communities include;

Celebration, Keenes Point, Windermere, Isleworth, Turtle Creek and many of the most desirable communities within Central Florida.

Can we mortgage a McNally Home?

Thankfully the McNally team can suggest some great mortgage partners for you to work with directly, whether you are US or non US Nationals.
We are also pleased to work with any lenders that you wish to bring to the project.
As of 2017, domestic (USA/Canadian) borrowers can usually secure 80% funding of the combined lot/build finished value.
As of 2017, non USA borrowers can usually secure 60% funding of the combined lot/build finished value.

Why Should We Choose McNally to Build Our Future Home?

We will build you the home that we all agreed, at the price that we agreed, to the highest possible standard, with the lowest possible fuss.
We recognize that sometimes things don’t always go to plan, and our team is always directly contactable, within one business hour.  Guaranteed.
We firmly believe that our clients are our future and our award winning team is obsessed with customer satisfaction!

Every Builder Claims to Be The Best, How Do We Know For Sure?

It’s a huge complement when several executives of the region’s most successful homebuilders select you to create their own dream homes!
Two such executives did choose McNally.  Those beautiful Windermere and Keenes Pointe mansions are a lasting testimony to our quality and craftsmanship.

What Size Homes do McNally Specialize in?

Most McNally homes start from around 4,500sqft, and can reach into 50,000sqft and beyond!
You can decide the size and budget, leaving McNally to ensure that the best possible home is delivered on time and within budget.
The largest home in the most prestigious ‘West Side of Reunion Resort’ is a spectacular 24,000sqft mansion, complete with 3 tier cascading pool, private spa treatment center and stunning entertainment rooms and sports court.
Our largest home to date in Central Florida was a 35,000sqft lake front home in the exclusive community of Windermere, FL.

The McNally Construction Group Pledge

We will build the best possible homes, within budget and on time, with the greatest partnership between the builder and homeowner for the long term benefit of both.

Does McNally Have any Notable Awards or Accreditations?

Over the years, the McNally team has amassed an enviable accolades, including;

  • Southeast Aurora Award – Best House – Celebration, Florida
  • Quality Builder Award
  • Southern Living Home Competition – Finalist
  • Pella Commitment to Quality Award
  • Parade of Homes Winner: Best Kitchen, Best Master Bath, Best Living/Family Room Design, Best Streetscape
  • Master Custom Builder Council (MCBC) – Founding Member and Elected Director
  • Masco/Custom Home Builder
  • Florida Power ACT Energy Certified
  • Parade of Homes – Judge
  • Builder Magazine Best in America – Judge
  • Contributing Writer for State Contractor’s Exam
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • Home Builders Association of Metro Orlando (HBA)
  • Certified Green Professional
  • Custom Home Builder Magazine
  • Home Design Magazine
  • Professional Builder Magazine
  • American Homestyle & Gardening
  • Country Living Magazine
  • Orlando Magazine
  • Feature segment on “This Old House”
  • Featured builder in the filming of Give Kids the World – A non-profit organization that exists solely to fulfill the dreams of terminally ill children
  • “Real Estate Today” radio talkshow
  • Numerous appearances on National and Local television news

Which Communities Do McNally Build Custom Homes in?

We build all over the increasingly popular and vibrant areas of Central Florida and have created beautiful homes in the following luxury communities;

  • Isleworth
  • Celebration
  • Keene’s Pointe
  • Bellaria
  • Bellanona
  • Reunion Resort & Club
  • Street of Dreams
  • Windermere
  • Lake Nona area
  • Lake Hart area

What Services Does the McNally Construction Group Provide?

  • Custom Home Design
  • Custom Home Construction
  • Large Scale Remodeling and Additions
  • Lot Searches For Custom Build Clients

Before the Build

Do You Guarantee Pricing?

Your dream home, will be skillfully crafted to the contracted specification, no short cuts and at the price that we agreed.

Can we Make Changes to our Specification or Design?

While we do our best to determine every possible detail before we begin construction, we completely understand that clients might want some changes along the way.
Our project team will do all we can to keep your dream home on budget and on time, but changes to either will always be fair and effective for you.

Can Owners Work on The Design of The Home?

We will painstakingly create the best possible designs for you to approve.
Every aspect of the lot and the needs of the homeowner’s family and future guests will be considered as a priority.
Whatever you want to change, we take care of it until we have the perfect home design.
Our team of designers and engineers can create beautiful 3D renderings to help you visualize your home.

Do You Provide Interior Design Services?

Yes, we provide in house expertise for home finishes and furnishings at competitive rates.
From flooring and finishes right through to furniture, décor and accents, we can provide you with a ‘ready to move in’ home for your family and guests to enjoy.

How Does McNally Quote High Specification Homes at Great Prices

Although owners might not be too familiar with the Master Custom Builder Council, we proudly co founded the exclusive group of over 30 of Central Florida’s most successful and trusted builders.
Together we not only strive for best practice, but our combined purchasing power generates millions of dollars of savings for our owners each year.

What’s Included in a McNally Standard Specification?

Please call or email us for our latest Standard Features list.

How long will a large custom home take to build?

We offer a quick and efficient service, to ensure that you can enjoy your home as soon as possible.
Some builders take much longer than McNally, but our experience and project management expertise keeps timing to an absolute minimum.
With plenty of time allocated for design, planning approval and construction, start to finish for most luxury homes is within 12 months.

During the Build

Will You Build Our Home on Time?

The McNally team will build your home to the agreed schedule.
Thanks to our leading edge project management system, you can log in and track the project status (with images) 24hrs a day.
We fully appreciate that home owners may want to add or change the specification during a custom home build.
The outcome can be a slight change to the costs and timeline, but we always discuss and agree any changes as an immediate priority to keep things running smoothly.

After the Build

What ‘After Care’ Service Does McNally Provide to Owners?

Above and beyond our industry leading warranty, we also do our very best to take care of those little details.
Many of our owners have built more than once with McNally, or have recommended us to their colleagues, friends and business partners.
(A 2 Year warranty backed by a 10 year structural warranty)

How Can We Keep the Home Looking New Over The Years?

We can provide custom care packages to ensure that external and internal finishes remain in their original luster or refinished.

We are Building a Vacation Rental Home, Will it Be Profitable?

Our team and the partners that we work closely with want your home to be a huge success.
We understand what vacationers expect in a rental home and how to exceed those expectations for every stay!
Additionally, for our vacation rental clients, we offer a complimentary marketing boost package to get the home off to a flying start!


This FAQ list is for informational purposes only and does not in any way form the basis of a contractual obligation.

Please refer to your specific contract document for an up to date statement of all terms and conditions of our services.


Homes of Tomorrow Will Be Like This – (Part 2) – Growing Outdoor Spaces!

By Kev
At Mar 28, 2017

Follow this link to HGTV – Top Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor Living Spaces will expand and integrate

One of the basic roles of any dwelling is to protect us from the environment.
So why are people exploring their balconies, gardens and yards more than ever?
3 Factors could explain the epic rise in the desire for better outdoor living spaces.

  • Better materials
    Creative flooring offers the opportunity to create the same natural looking surfaces, both indoor and outdoors.
    For years, designers have tried to integrate indoors and outside spaces, but only recently have the materials been affordable to us all.
    The result is a harmony that makes the yard a desirable, low maintenance place to relax in style.  A sheltered haven perhaps, or a safe play zone for kids to play.
  • Reduced yard space for new homes
    Lot sizes are generally reducing in size, and builders are maximizing the living spaces to suit the family needs.
    Once builders would simply grass the exterior and leave the yard design to you.
    Now that yards are smaller, their limits actually become an ‘enabling constraint’!  In other words, a challenge that works out for the better!
    It’s hard to sell a home with a useless tiny grass yard.
    But a super cool landscaped outside living area can easily be created, adding a wow factor without a jaw dropping expense.
    Fire pits, low energy lighting and stunning landscaping make that problem yard, the most desirable place in the home!
  • Owners spending more time at home
    With almost half of all US workers estimated to be working from home in 2017, there’s more demand than ever for homes to offer high quality leisure space.
    Telecommuting (as it is known) is on the rise, and workers are advised to designate areas of the home as ‘off limits’ during their work day.
    Without that discipline, the whole home would feel like an office, making those outdoor living spaces a vital element of the sense of freedom.
    Nothing beats the sounds smells and visuals of the great outdoors after a day behind the computer.

Planning consent is required for the most adventurous outdoor room designs, but the patience, effort and occasional compromise, can pay off.
Nothing can beat the sensation of enjoying the fresh natural light and air, with the benefit from carefully designed protection from the elements.

Let us build your amazing dream home, complete with an amazing outdoor living space, right here in Central Florida!
Our expertize and creativity has always been the key to our success and we’d like nothing more than to share it with your family.


Advanced Design in A Modern Custom Home!

By Kev
At Oct 20, 2016
Reunion Resort Mansion Rendering

Luxury Mansion Currently Under Construction at Reunion Resort by

Traditionally, a 2H pencil scratched out the design of just each and every property within much of the 20th century.
Since the 90s, advances in software development offers powerful creative digital packages that create digital files that are transmitted around the globe at the touch of a button.
Easy to read email attachments are perfect for our discerning clients, that are often based thousands of miles away from the home site.
Although the design time has shortened to some degree, the quality and detailing of the end product is vastly superior to those precious drafting papers of yesteryear.
Most importantly, the homeowner no longer needs to be skilled in ‘reading drawings’ to visualize the results.

Now McNally creates the most amazing floor plans along with 3D interactive ‘walk throughs’, and superbly accurate renderings that demonstrate every possible detail of a home.
The design team can visually verify all of the key features in a design, and even in some cases, an opportunity to improve an area that lacks the ‘wow factor’!
Owners, project managers and the client’s realtor can share visuals online, long before the land is cleared for construction.
Not only does the McNally design process give a realistic insight into a dream home, it goes a long way to avoiding any omissions or misinterpretations.

Our latest build, is a magnificent 14,000 sqft (under roof), 12,000 sqft mansion, located just within minutes of Walt Disney World.
Nestled along the peaceful Jack Nicklaus PGA course at Reunion Resort, keen golf fans will be familiar with the address.
Desert Mountain Ct. borrows its name from another legendary Nicklaus course in Scottsdale Arizona, and a location of that stature commands a lot of respect.
Our design team wanted to do justice to the Nicklaus name and pay homage in the best way possible; a magnificent luxury mansion.
The sumptuous property enjoys stunning views over the 1st tee and fairway of the Reunion Resort’s most beautiful and challenging course.

McNally’s in-house design service provides quick, cost effective responses that assure the team that every small detail of a home has been tended to with expertize.

Because your next home is going to be unique and extraordinary, we would love the opportunity to meet with you, discuss your dream project, at no cost to yourselves!

Contact us today at;

407 352 8200


Reunion Resort Pool Deck Rendering

12 Bedroom Mansion on Desert Mountain, Reunion Resort


Pool Deck Detail Artist Impression

Pool Deck With Golf Views in Reunion West, Orlando