Remodeling After a Natural Disaster Requires Patience and Sentiment

Remodeling After a Natural Disaster Requires Patience and Sentiment

By Kev
Nov 08, 2016

When lightning strikes a home, instantaneous damage, displacement and financial worry inevitably comes to the fore of any homeowner’s mind.

In reality, that can be just the very beginning of a lengthy recovery process for a family.

Taking the fallen and charred pieces of a lightning struck property and literally rebuilding it from the ground up, directed by Insurance loss adjusters, the result can often be more down to an out of state administrator than the sentiment of the homesick and anxious family members.

EJ McNally, CEO of McNally Homes, has lived through the pain (and eventual elation), so many times before.  EJ feels that his expert team has developed the chemistry that’s required to return that heartbreaking rubble to the owner, as a true home once more.  

Anxious to stress the importance of his business ideology, EJ points out that ‘McNally feels that it is imperative to build homes not just houses for families to enjoy their special time together in’.

As one of Orlando’s most successful luxury home builder, EJ adds; “It’s so easy to re-build a house, by replacing walls, doors, windows and roofing, but it takes a lot of research, listening and patience to find the subtle detail that each of the home’s residents are so desperate to retain or rediscover.  

Mom’s favorite place to read her book, while she eagerly watches out of a window for the kids return from school, or that welcoming corner of a living room for a playful child to have a private ‘escape’ of their own, are all so easily overlooked in the rush to get a family back home.  “We don’t do that, we take every care to bring the home back to life” boasts EJ with well deserved pride.

Of course, rebuilding a home requires budgetary awareness, there’s no ‘blank check’ in a remodel project, and builders simply can’t go crazy with upgrades.  McNally’s huge purchasing reach has enabled them to procure the best possible materials for the re-modelling side of their luxury homes business to get to work with.

The results of McNally’s skillful efforts were recently revealed in the upscale Lake Butler area of Keene’s Pointe.  

Almost a year ago, a devastating lightning strike thankfully left the owners’ family physically unscathed, but a home in ruins.

EJ’s team have crafted away relentlessly since nature paid a visit to Central Florida that stormy night.

With the help of the family, brainstorming details and ideas, and understanding how each family member connects to the home, they’ve collectively created a beautiful new home out of the torn ruins of 2014.

Using a wide selection of bright, sleek contemporary materials, McNally have brought a sense of openness and freedom to this exciting and re-energized property, without compromising on privacy and without sacrificing the personal detail.

The spacious feel that the owners had always loved is very much alive, and McNally Homes are very pleased that the extra care that they always provide a client has been so well received.

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