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Why the Lake Nona Area is so Popular with Families

By Kev
At Dec 12, 2017



In less than 8 years, the Lake Nona area has grown from a sleepy rural area, bordering Orlando International Airport, to a whole new ‘city’ of lovely upscale communities.
While lake Nona itself is a definitive body of water, surrounded by Tavistock’s exclusive Lake Nona Country Club, the term ‘Nona’ is affectionately applied to just about everything bordering a section of State Road 417.
Tavistock’s 7,000 acres plus land holding on both sides of the 417 is becoming a hotbed for builders and commercial developers.

Custom Home Opportunities in the Lake Nona area

The McNally Construction Group’s custom home team has built some of the finest homes around the lakes of the Nona area.
It takes a lot of expertise and experience to design and build the perfect lake front home, and we’ve enjoyed building around Lake Whippo0rwill, Lake Hart and Lake Mary Jane.
Read more about some of our recent Lake Nona Custom Homes!

Lake Nona area Communities

To the North and East of the official parcel owned by Tavistock, lies a growing number of residential communities, including;

  • Eagle Creek
  • North Shore
  • Bella Nona
  • Stratford Pointe
  • Oasis at Moss Park
  • Oaks at Moss Park
  • Moss Park Ridge
  • Storey Park
  • Live Oak Estates
  • Moss Park Reserve
  • Kirby Smith Rd
  • East Park
  • Lavina
  • Randall Johnson
  • Brunetti South
  • Waters Edge
  • Busch
  • Village Walk – including the Enclave and Water Mark

While this list of residential communities may include areas beyond the official term of Lake Nona, it really does help reflect what is publicly and affectionately known as ‘Nona’.

Retail and Dining at Lake Nona has dominated the area in 2017!

2017 has seen a huge surge in activity along Narcoossee Road just south of SR417.
Until recently, the area had little more than Lake Nona High School and Lake Nona middle school and a few small shops and restaurants such as ABC Wines, Publix, ATT and Wendy’s.
This year however, brought us big retailers, including Sam’s Club, Walmart, Petsmart, TJ Max, Lowes and many more.

2018 onwards will be about leisure!

Looking a little further ahead, we will hear a lot more about leisure in the Lake Nona area.
Already the new TopGolf structure is taking shape near the 417/Lake Nona Blvd intersection.
But the big news for the area keeps rolling in with Nona soon to home the USTA National Campus – the world’s largest tennis campus with 100 courts!
If 100 tennis courts isn’t captivating enough, the eight-story Lake Nona Resort will have 250 custom-designed guest rooms and 80 condominium units along with a 20 acre clear lagoon.
For more Lake Nona News

A Long Term View of Lake Nona

Right now, the area is growing fast, and prices are affordable.
Going forward, the area’s already popular homes are going to be in hot demand as more and more high value executives and employees seek to buy a home in Lake Nona.
The buzz about Lake Nona is the perfect balance of high quality gated communities, natural lakes and their stunning custom lots, a carefully planned retail and leisure plan and 5 exceptionally well run schools.  There’s no other place in Central Florida quite like Lake Nona.
Demand is going to be strong and the supply at the moment it very limited!

Contact us now for the best advice on existing and new home sales in the Lake Nona area!


Lake Nona Area Custom Home – Lake Hart

By Kev
At Jan 30, 2017

Lake Nona Custom Homes

McNally Construction Group is very proud to announce our latest custom home in the Lake Nona area of Central Florida.
This stunning 5 bedroom mansion will soon go under construction in the leafy and idyllic location at Shady Oak St.
With grand old oaks, a canal side view and direct access on to Lake Hart, this location has it all.

Lake lots throw up a few challenges from time to time (read more about lake lot homes here), but nothing too difficult for the experienced engineers and architects on the McNally team.
We look forward to sharing our monthly updates of the design and construction of this beautiful gem just off Kirby Smith Rd, Orlando.

Although secluded and perfectly private, the home is ideally situated within the ‘Medical City’, ‘Eagle Creek’ and ‘Lake Nona’ areas of Narcoossee Rd.
With leading schools, shops and restaurants nearby, this highly sought after lake location really does offer that ‘best of both worlds’ habitat.

To find out more about living in the Lake Hart area of Central Florida, contact us for available homes and lot sites that are for sale.
Our specialist realty team will find the perfect home within your budget in the Disney parks area and beyond.


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Top 10 Considerations For Lake Front Homes

By Kev
At Oct 24, 2016
Luxury Lake Home - Twilight

Watering in the Landscaping at our latest Lake Nona custom build!

  • Are watercraft allowed?  – Do check the legal requirements for access on to the water.  Some lakes and waterways permit nothing at all, not even a kayak, while others might prohibit motor craft of any kind.  Your dreams could soon be dashed without good research!
  • Are Boat Docks or slipways permitted? – Although the home has easy access to the water’s edge, it does not necessarily mean that you can moor your watercraft to your land on a permanent basis.  Thankfully the builder or realtor can easily check such matters out for you in advance.  Some restrictions may apply to the number of piers to the boat dock.
  • Do you want water and electricity on the dock? – Being able to service your boat with water, or power up portable tools can be a make or break for a boat owner.  Be sure to make provision to supply your boat dock with utilities.  Above all, its a lovely lifestyle touch to run a drinks cooler for a lazy afternoon on your boardwalk!
  • Choosing the best materials – the aesthetics of the boat dock should be sympathetic to the surroundings and architecture of your own home.  Tasteful design makes a huge difference!
    Modern materials also make for weather resistance, and much needed in humid or sun drenched states.
  • Future Proof your water craft! – You may be happy with your current boat now, but what will your future needs bring?  Can your boat dock cope?
    Another great piece of advice is to hold back on buying a boat right away.  You could easily select the wrong boat, so spend some time with your new neighbors and increase your knowledge if you can!
  • Bugs are a part of life by the water – Pool screens are the best way to secure a bug free lanai, but modern retractable screens offer solutions to balconies and terraced areas without disturbing the view of the lakeside from the main living areas of the home.
  • Fabulous wildlife to admire – Much overlooked by potential lake front owners, the lake front wildlife is adorable.  Discover or create some cool vantage points to sit and relax with your new ‘community’.  Cameras, binoculars and sketch pads will inevitably become a part of your family life!  Don’t be fearful of gators, but be mindful and design the yard area to keep these cool animals in there part of the world, not yours!
  • Fishing – is always a great way to enjoy the peace of your amazing lake front home.  Research the species in your lake and what lures, bait and techniques work best!
  • Summer kitchens – whether it is down by the dockside, or a part of your lanai, those summer kitchens are perfect for much needed quality family time.  Most family memories are captured during meal times and your stunning new McNally custom home is the perfect place to nurture those precious moments!
  • Locations are limited – Hardly any new lakes get built, so be mindful that lake lot prices will always outgrow the costs of a regular inland lot.  What may seem pricey now, will seem a missed opportunity in years to come if you don’t seize the right opportunity at the right time!
  • Do your research – Understand the historic and typical water levels in the area and design driveways, walkways and your home in general to avoid any damage or inconvenience.  Water levels will occasionally rise, so make sure you have taken the necessary precautions.
    Check insurance costs for your home before you buy, or ask your realtor or builder for a list of insurers that specialize in water front homes.

If you’d like to know more about owning a McNally lake side home, contact us today!

As experts in the design and construction of luxury custom homes within Central Florida, we’d love to be a part of your family’s next adventures!
We will work carefully with your own plans and designs, or gladly create a collection of concepts and ideas that can be fine tuned to your precise requirements.




Lake Lots, Sunsets and a Dream Home at Lake Nona

By Kev
At Sep 29, 2016

Lake Lot Sunset

Stunning sunsets are going to be a regular sight at this amazing family home on Lake Whippoorwhill, Orlando.
Just a few steps to the boat dock and an amazing opportunity to slow down, unwind, catch a few fish!
Living in Orlando is awesome, but especially if your home is as beautiful and perfectly placed as this.
Finding lots is a specialty of ours and these popular lake locations are not cheap, but, they do offer a lot of lifestyle in return.
Our boat dock construction team will soon be heading out to the shore line and we will bring some further updates for this family home.

In the meantime, enjoy the view, we certainly did!

Lake Whippoorwill Homes