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Homes of Tomorrow Will Be Like This – (Part 3) – Technology & Climate

At Apr 26, 2017

Function over style always leads home design!

Fashion, trends and architecture.
A relationship that has barely altered over the course of the last few thousand years!
In a world of constant change, it seems that the details of home design simply ebb and flow.
Very little has fundamentally changed through-ought the evolution of home design.

Whatever an architect puts down is inevitably ‘temporary’ unless there’s a root, underlying demand for functionality.
Without that core need, the designs are nothing more than ‘fads’.

Over the last century, the industrialized world has been pressurized into taking home design as an increasingly important science.
Land and the availability of space, limitations of energy, water scarcity and a sudden and dramatic shift of workplaces, have all lead to the emergence of a smarter home design.

The McNally design team is leading the way with innovative designs and elegant custom homes using the power of functionality.
Of course, beauty naturally follows, when our homes work perfectly for the owners and guests!


Modern technology releases the power of the kitchen’s importance!

Long gone are the days that the family gathered around the TV on an evening.
Free from the need to connect through cables, Smart TVs can be installed in any location with a power outlet and decent WIFI connection.
Pre-occupied more than ever by our smart phones, the living rooms of yesterday are less used than ever before.
Mealtimes however, have always been the anchor point of family life, and well designed kitchens that double up as family and casual dining locations are in hot demand.
As teens drift in and out of social media, parents catch up on their emails, the kitchen seems to be the cool spot that offers everyone a chance to achieve what they need.
It’s a well known fact that easily accessible food gets consumed more readily.
A well stocked refrigerator ensures that kids graze on healthier food, in the presence of others!



Repurposed Materials are arriving in style!

Reclamation and recycling methods are finally making widening the options in recycled construction.
The appeal reaches far beyond the obvious environmental benefits though.
New, exciting materials are emerging, and people really want them in their homes.
Safe, recycled glass counter tops are not only kid to the planet, they offer a twist on nature’s own work, but with added color!

Glass Counter Top

Water Conservation Systems make progress, but humans are the answer!

So far, it’s safe to say that the water reclamation cost/benefit ratio just isn’t quite there yet for most homes.
As climate change takes effect and population densities rise, there’s more pressure than ever on water supply infrastructures.
We read it often, but unless it affects us directly, we never quite grasp the impact that water has on our lives.
Some states are feeling the strain on natural resources more than Florida does, but their innovations will benefit everyone at some point.
From ‘good practice’ at a personal level, we can make a huge impact upon water consumption.
We know that you have read so much about water conservation, but the Central Florida Water Initiative has some really interesting points that may impress even the most knowledgable of us!


Space, the final frontier!

Space is without doubt the greatest challenge when creating the perfect luxury custom home.
Nobody seems to want to ‘reduce’ space!
Gone are the days of vast, bland and uninviting rooms.
Families require comfort, privacy and flexibility, but always a touch of charm and interest to add a senses of character to any given room.
Having spaces that can meet a wide range of needs is essential, and cool features like this foldaway Murphy bed/Office desk are so practical.
Making that flexible room space work hard for you, relieves pressure on other rooms within the home!

Let us build you that incredible dream home, right here in Central Florida!
Whether it’s a luxury vacation rental investment home, or a primary or secondary family residence, our expert team can guide you past any concerns that you may have!