Top 10 Tips For A Perfect Luxury Home – Part 1 of 3

At Dec 26, 2016

Reunion Resort Luxury Home Theater

How often have you walked a home, only to think to yourself; that it simply lacks character?
Homes can be finished to the highest possible level, with the finest natural materials, but that cliche that ‘money can’t buy taste’ is perhaps one of the most uttered phrases in the real estate world.

So, what exactly is character?  How can an owner and builder work together to create a home with ambiance, style and charisma?
We take a closer look, calling upon some great resources from within the custom home industry!

Influenced by a desire to shake off the errors of victorian urban life, eminent Swiss architect Le Corbusier defined a home as a ‘Machine For Living In’.
For many year’s that concept seemed too ‘cold and heartless’.
Today however, the idea of a home being designed as a perfect machine, for living sleeping and most importantly enjoyment, is a fundamental of modern architecture.
Break out areas, entertainment nooks and optimized views are all possible, in any home, given adequate consideration by the prospective owners, the builder and the architect.
Understanding how a family will actually use a home, is the key to a successful design!

‘Wish lists’, ‘must haves’ and function, are the essential starting points of a great custom home, and along with the home’s environment and the location a great architect can begin shaping your dreams.
Owners will be delighted if the fundamentals are considered to the full, and that’s the number one aim of any custom home builder.
With a family of 5, a lot of compromise will be inevitable.  Not everyone gets their way, but a great builder becomes a fabulous mediator throughout the preliminary design process.
The location of the home has the most profound effect on design.
Floor layouts, materials and structure, are all dependent on the precise location of the home.
Harsh winters would dictate that a flat top modern design would be a difficult process in such a snow laden territory.
Dream views over a valley side, will determine the placement of rooms more than any other factor.
Climates will determine if a home needs a mud room from the garage, or a pool bathroom from the lanai.
That may seem obvious, but errors from the start of a project become very expensive to correct if overlooked.
Some great luxury home designs if you are stuck for ideas.  (Our in house design team will custom design your dream home!)

Spaces serve so much more purpose than just rooms.  Spaces connect the whole home together, making it so much more than a collection of ‘boxes with doors and windows’.
Beautiful natural light over a stairway can transform an entrance hall into the most impressive centerpiece of a luxury home.
The appeal of a breakfast table is elevated by access onto a landscaped lanai, with hints of shared materials and form.
A cozy, peaceful corner bathed in natural light can become the perfect place for study.
The recent popularism of Feng Shui has heightened the awareness of ‘space’ within a home’s design and the relationship between doorways, windows, light and furnishings is a cornerstone of this ancient Chinese art form.
For owners and builders, the concept of balancing the key features of a home is without doubt one of the most powerful ways to build in a wow factor!
A quick look at how Feng Shui can ease the design process!

While tastes differ, one thing should always be constant; the interplay between harmony and contrast.
Furniture selections should form a strong tie to the tastes of its users and to the architectural style of the home.
Balancing the conflict between harmony and contrast is one of the greatest challenges to home decor and it requires an artful eye and creative imagination.
Thankfully, Central Florida is blessed with some of the finest interior designers in the USA, should you want to top off your own ideas with some great advice.
Check out Zillow’s 2017 home design trends

Part 2 of 3 can be read by following this link!
Part 3 of 3 can be read by following this link!
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Reunion Resort’s Most Impressive Mansion! Aerial Video

At Dec 20, 2016

Soaring over our colossal Grand Traverse Parkway mansion with our DJI Inspire drone is more than just a showcase activity.
Sure, the footage is impressive, but our drone flights offer our clients a vital update into the progress of their valuable investments.
Being transparent is vital to a great relationship with our owners and the McNally team is fully geared thanks to the professional guidance from the very top.
All of our clients have 24 hr access to our construction management software Buildertrend, allowing them to keep up to date with progress and costs, wherever they may be located.

But, to be honest, we simply love standing back and admiring our work from a different perspective!

If you are planning building a luxury mansion in Central Florida, we’d be pleased to hear from you.
Let our team of experts bring one of our luxury homes near Walt Disney World® to life!

Contact us for our remodeling services.



Reunion Resort – A Unique, Luxurious Resort & One of a Kind!

At Dec 13, 2016


A good first impression can work wonders.

—  J. K. Rowling  —

First impressions run deeply and often influence future decisions more than any other stage of an experience.
When guests enter the magnificent Reunion Resort, a magical bond is inevitable.
Beautiful landscaping, irresistible golf courses and stunning luxury vacation homes are bound to impress immediately.
There’s no illusion, that Reunion Resort is a destination of choice for affluent owners and their guests.
The beauty of Reunion Resort is instantly apparent, but the reason for the communities surging popularity requires a little more explanation.

Reunion Resort Quick Facts

  • Located in Kissimmee, FL
  • 5 miles from Walt Disney World – Approximately 12 minutes’ drive
  • Communities generally have a requirement not to rent for less than 7 month terms.
    Reunion was conceived with short term rentals in mind, making it completely unique.
  • 3 PGA Golf courses – Watson – Palmer – Nicklaus
  • 10 resort pools and 5 acre water park
  • Tennis facilities
  • 4 main restaurants/bars
  • Located within easy access of I-4 and 192 routes
  • Good local stores and restaurants

Reunion Resort – Short term/long term rental
No other community within Central Florida permits owners to rent their houses by the week.
Reunion on the other hand, benefited from special zoning that creates a unique opportunity for homes to be purpose built for short term rental investment.
In fact, it would be very difficult to identify any luxury community elsewhere in the USA that has that element of flexibility.
Owners can use the home as a private second residence, place it into a lucrative rental program, or make the community their primary residence.
Of course, there’s freedom to cycle a home back a forth between short term and long term rental.  That flexibility is perfect for owners that are planning to relocate or travel more frequently to Florida.
(With Walt Disney World on your doorstep, owners are never short of friends and family dropping by!)

High quality real estate
Many developments claim to be unique and ‘the best’.
Reunion Resort is often marked as such, but, arguably with good merit.
With a sprawling road network, the golf courses from the ‘master plan’ for Reunion Resort.
Homes enjoy golf course and conservation views rather than ‘back to back’ outlooks from the pool decks.
Within reason, owners can work with one of 5 Reunion approved builders to create highly customized homes within the resort.
Lots can be purchased as single lots from 35ft to 55ft wide, typically 160ft deep.
Many of the larger homes are situated on ‘double lots’ to create a mansion like elevation.
Homes range from 2700sqft to 30,000sqft under air.

Rental Program – ROI
Although returns on investment vary, owners of larger, luxurious homes are experiencing ROI well in excess of 25%.
Emphasis on décor, home theaters, games rooms and themed bedrooms are key to maximum return.
A number of reputable property managers, interior design companies can be recommended prior to ensure that the home gets the greatest possible occupancy and subsequent returns.

High Rental Returns – At Very Competitive Nightly Rates
A couple staying at the Four Seasons Orlando resort will average $300/nt in low season for a very basic hotel room.  Often families will book 3 or 4 rooms for a family vacation.
In Reunion Resort, guests can rent the highest specification mansions, complete with bowling alley, home theater, games room, Turkish bath, huge pool decks and spacious gourmet kitchen for less $84/nt per person in low season when fully occupied with guests.
Far more freedom, space, privacy and fun than the hotel suite.
Guests tend to relax and enjoy the home in between park visits, providing a better vacation experience, and repeat bookings.

Why is Reunion Resort so Unique?

  • Reunion is so close to Walt Disney World, you can enjoy the daily fireworks from the rooftop restaurant within the resort.
    Real estate simply won’t be developed again near Disney World on such a grand scale.
    Travel time into the theme parks is a key factor for vacationers, and Reunion Resort does not disappoint.
  • 3 PGA Golf courses not only set the scene for the community, but they offer a golfer’s paradise all year round.
  • VIPs and wealthy guests seek out Reunion Resort for their vacations and the peaceful, private resort offers privacy to all.

What are the risks of investing in Reunion Resort?

Q: Will Reunion be over supplied with luxury homes?
A: The larger homes at Reunion Resort are in extremely high demand.  Even if the larger lots were all built out, the growing awareness of the luxury mansion style homes is growing.   The huge potential domestic market in North America is becoming increasingly aware of a product that has been very popular with UK and Canadian visitors.
Annually the region is currently experiencing 3% growth on tourism figures of 60 million.

Q: What size home is best for vacation rental home investors?
A: Due to a limited supply, the 8 bedroom and above homes are experiencing the highest occupancies and best nightly rental rates.

Q: What special features make a difference to bookings, rates and occupancy?
A: Great finishes, modern decor, themed rooms, great media rooms and home theaters, attractive and fun outdoor living spaces, games rooms and play areas.  An imaginative and creative approach will reward owners

Q: If I put in the best possible finishes and materials, will I get a good payback?
A: Great finishes are important for rental guests and owners, but we always advise spending wisely when we make selections.


Remodeling After a Natural Disaster Requires Patience and Sentiment

At Nov 08, 2016

When lightning strikes a home, instantaneous damage, displacement and financial worry inevitably comes to the fore of any homeowner’s mind.

In reality, that can be just the very beginning of a lengthy recovery process for a family.

Taking the fallen and charred pieces of a lightning struck property and literally rebuilding it from the ground up, directed by Insurance loss adjusters, the result can often be more down to an out of state administrator than the sentiment of the homesick and anxious family members.

EJ McNally, CEO of McNally Homes, has lived through the pain (and eventual elation), so many times before.  EJ feels that his expert team has developed the chemistry that’s required to return that heartbreaking rubble to the owner, as a true home once more.  

Anxious to stress the importance of his business ideology, EJ points out that ‘McNally feels that it is imperative to build homes not just houses for families to enjoy their special time together in’.

As one of Orlando’s most successful luxury home builder, EJ adds; “It’s so easy to re-build a house, by replacing walls, doors, windows and roofing, but it takes a lot of research, listening and patience to find the subtle detail that each of the home’s residents are so desperate to retain or rediscover.  

Mom’s favorite place to read her book, while she eagerly watches out of a window for the kids return from school, or that welcoming corner of a living room for a playful child to have a private ‘escape’ of their own, are all so easily overlooked in the rush to get a family back home.  “We don’t do that, we take every care to bring the home back to life” boasts EJ with well deserved pride.

Of course, rebuilding a home requires budgetary awareness, there’s no ‘blank check’ in a remodel project, and builders simply can’t go crazy with upgrades.  McNally’s huge purchasing reach has enabled them to procure the best possible materials for the re-modelling side of their luxury homes business to get to work with.

The results of McNally’s skillful efforts were recently revealed in the upscale Lake Butler area of Keene’s Pointe.  

Almost a year ago, a devastating lightning strike thankfully left the owners’ family physically unscathed, but a home in ruins.

EJ’s team have crafted away relentlessly since nature paid a visit to Central Florida that stormy night.

With the help of the family, brainstorming details and ideas, and understanding how each family member connects to the home, they’ve collectively created a beautiful new home out of the torn ruins of 2014.

Using a wide selection of bright, sleek contemporary materials, McNally have brought a sense of openness and freedom to this exciting and re-energized property, without compromising on privacy and without sacrificing the personal detail.

The spacious feel that the owners had always loved is very much alive, and McNally Homes are very pleased that the extra care that they always provide a client has been so well received.

If your precious home is ready for a remodel upgrade, we’d be pleased to hear from you.
Let our team of experts bring your dream home, fully up to date!

Contact us for our remodeling services.



kitchen remodel in Keenes Pointe






Approved Builders at Reunion Resort’s Bear’s Den Club

At Oct 31, 2016

Bear's Den Club Site Plan

McNally Construction Group is extremely proud to be officially recognized as one of the few approved custom builders at Reunion’s exclusive Bear’s Den Club community.
City Homes are developing what looks set to become the most exclusive new enclave, complete with luxury amenities, private club and an array of luxury homes that run from just around $800k right up to your own multimillion dollar custom home, complete with your own splendid view over the Jack Nicklaus course’s 18th Fairway and green.

McNally homes have reserved 3 lots for immediate availability to owners that are seeking to own a truly remarkable piece of real estate in the very same street as one amazing sportsman; Jack Nicklaus.
The prestigious player believes so much in Reunion Resort’s new Bear’s Den Club, that he simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to make his PGA course ‘home’, at least when his busy schedule permits.  Check out the site plan and take your pick, but bear in mind that Jack’s house will be near the private clubhouse on lots 51 and 52!

The news for McNally comes at a great time, as the long established construction group focuses more intently on its presence within Reunion Resort.
With a long history, owner EJ McNally, as the founder of the resort’s first large scale 8 bedroom home concept, has built a customer focussed reputation that owners truly appreciate.

Founder EJ McNally describes the difference between a ‘regular custom home’ and a McNally Custom home;

“A McNally home has a distinctly personal character.  We never re-use floor-plans on our custom homes, and we listen very carefully to the needs of the client.  That way, we can blend our years of construction experience with the lifetime of lifestyle experiences that every client brings to an exciting new project!
The Bear’s Den Club is an unmissable opportunity for luxury home owners and particularly golf fans to embrace.
Golfers aren’t strangers to high standards and the game demands a lot from them, our aim is to reward their patience and dedication with a very unique residence that will reward their families for many years to come!”
McNally Construction Group President – EJ McNally

The Bear’s Den Club – Quick Facts
  • Zoned for short term rental, long term rental and residential
  • Custom home lots in the region of $300k to $500k – Contact us for details
  • High end home/site packages from just under $800k (4 to 8 bedroom floor plans) – Contact us for details
  • Exclusive mandatory membership to the Bear’s Den Club – $200pcm
  • Optional membership to Reunion Resort Club – Social $390pcm, Golf $590pcm
  • HOA dues are $460pcm – Also Includes TV, phone and HS Internet
  • 19 lots available for luxury home floor plans (lots 1 and 15 through 19 have zero premium, lots 2 through 14 can be obtained for a small premium)
  • 31 golf view lots (50ft and upwards) for custom builds and luxury home floor plans (Lots 20 through 50 are released, lots 51 and 52 will be for Jack’s House)
  • Bear’s Den Clubhouse expected to be complete and open for service in late 2017

As existing owners already acknowledge, Reunion Resort’s luxury rental market is a proven, rewarding and lucrative investment.
Bearing in mind that custom homes are already yielding a tremendous ROI, the Bear’s Den Club offers a unique opportunity to add additional revenues.
Thanks to the Bear’s Den Club’s more favorable access privileges to golfing guests, the high end golf sector is now able to play at Reunion every day of their stay!

For more details about the Bear’s Den Club Community, please contact us for the latest information.

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Street Level ‘Drive Through’ – Reunion Resort

At Oct 27, 2016
Our latest ‘Drive Through’ videos reveal a thriving Reunion Resort!

The amazing custom homes at Reunion Resort are the most enviable within Central Florida.
With no comparable community, it’s not surprising that the luxury gated golf resort is building out quickly.
There’s simply no other short term rental development that can even come close to this beautiful place.

With 3 PGA golf courses, and a short 12 minute drive to Disney, it’s no small wonder that Orlando fans and keen investors are settling within Reunion Resort.
Is there a good financial return on a Reunion Resort vacation home?
We ourselves own within Reunion Resort and would also point out that most McNally clients own multiple properties here.
Proof in itself that there’s an opportunity to do well, with the right lot, perfect home and great furnishing packages!
For more advice, check our article on how to obtain the best vacation rental home occupancy!

Here’s a brief run through of Reunion Resort’s main streets and routes, for a snapshot of the Resort (as of November 2016).


Desert Mountain Court – Reunion Resort’s Fairway Ridge

Desert Mountain Ct is located within the West side of Reunion Resort and enjoys spectacular views of the Jack Nicklaus designed PGA golf course.
Desert Mountain has established itself as one of the most popular areas within Reunion, and is very much on its way to becoming ‘built out’.
A number of lots still remain, however and the mixture of wide and narrow lots make this one of the most interesting areas of this side of the Resort.
Single family From 35ft single width lots to wide double lots with 3 floors.  Lots from asking prices of around $120k upwards at the time of writing.


Muirfield Loop – Reunion Resort’s Legends Corner (Even Lot Numbers)

The large, spacious Muirfield Loop setting folds around the magnificent 14th fairway of the Jack Nicklaus designed PGA course, with additional views over the 10th and 13th holes.
Once known as ‘The Tradition’ course, it is now officially referred to as ‘The Nicklaus Course’ and offers some of the most visually appealing, but deeply challenging golfing here at Reunion Resort.
Lots of water, wooded areas and large 55ft wide single lots have created the most sought after location for property owners.
The blend of large homes and ‘super mansions’ here are a delight to see, and that impression of exclusivity ensures that Muirfield Loop is the hottest place for vacation rental occupancy within the resort.
Lots are becoming scarce and prices are rising.
Expect to pay $300+ for a good 55ft wide lot, maybe more for lots with prime views or larger ‘pie shaped’ rear boundaries.
You can easily get a substantial 8 or 10 bedroom luxury home on the right 55ft lot, but the growing trend towards building on ‘double lots’ makes Muirfield Loop the mansion ‘hot spot’.
Muirfield is home to a number of our lovely McNally homes, but if you want to join the small list of Elite homeowners at Reunion, we highly recommend contacting us right away, before it is literally too late!


More Streets will be added shortly!

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for the latest list of available lots within Reunion Resort!
Approved Reunion Resort Builders
407 352 8200


Central Florida – The Best Location For Custom Built Homes!

At Oct 27, 2016
Luxury Mansion Desert Mountain Ct Reunion Resort

A McNally Dream Home Currently Under Construction at Reunion Resort Kissimmee

Central Florida’s property market has recovered extremely well since the economic woes of almost a decade ago.
The sunshine state’s population rate of growth even outstripped California in 2015, offering a perfect indicator of Florida’s appeal and success.
Population growth is without a doubt one of the key factors in real estate values and the fact that Florida jumped New York to become the 3rd most populous state within the USA, bodes well for current and future homeowners within Central Florida.

The region itself has seen unprecedented investment from obvious sectors such as Tourism, and there’s no sign of let up from the main players, Disney and Universal.
Along with that investment, a steady influx of high net worth legal immigrant investors and executives are seeking to call Florida home, or at the very least ‘second home’.
Those theme parks, hotels, service companies and restaurants are fueling a strong demand in luxury homes, prestigious golf memberships and those elusive lake lots that define the state as one of the most fun filled locations within the USA.

Although new communities are springing up all around Osceola, Polk, Orange and Lake counties, there’s a common knowledge that the very best locations, are in fact approaching a natural saturation.  This of course means one thing; prices rise for the best lake lot and golf view homes within areas like Windermere, Lake Butler and Lake Nona.
New man made lakes and stunning new golf courses are not out of question, and Lake Nona has been a great success story towards the east of the tourism area of Central Florida.
The demand for such communities is staggering, so much so, that roadways, restaurants and shopping areas are caught on the hop for a few years as the developments race ahead with record closings.

Here’s a quick look at why Central Florida is the best place for luxury home buyers, including this cool list of the rich and famous!

  1. Gone but not forgotten – Moving to another state can be a big wrench for any family.
    Florida is blessed with so many upsides, that family and friends soon see the joy in being able to visit family and friends as often as they can!
    Be prepared to see your loved ones more often than you did back home!
  2. A sporting chance – If it is outdoors, Florida is for you!
    Golf, Surfing, sailing, paddle boarding, boating, flying, off roading, fishing, horse riding, trekking, hunting, team sports and more are right here for you and your kids to enjoy.
    Best of all, it’s all year round.  The almost non existent winters open up so much opportunity to keep skill levels honed.
    It’s no wonder that the USA’s leading golfers call Florida their home!
  3. Take to the sky! – As one of the busiest airports with the USA, Orlando International Airport is also one of the most competitive centres when it comes to air fares.
    Low cost domestic flights ensure that you can reach your favorite destinations within a few hours without a huge expense.
  4. Cruising through life! – Ask any local resident where they love to spend their precious vacation time and you will hear ‘cruising’ as the most frequent answer.
    Cape Canaveral port is located just under an hour away from much of Central Fl.  You can reach the whole world from there and the off season deals are incredibly appealing to local residents that simply can’t resist the appeal of deserted Caribbean resorts and glorious year round whether.
    The charm of Cuba is still to be discovered by many USA residents and there’s no better place to begin that journey than Florida.
  5. The weather – For most, this needs little justification.  All year long warmth is one of the region’s greatest assets.  Perfect for any of us that have had enough of bone numbing temperatures and icy roads back home.  If you miss that romantic winter chill, after all, it’s just a short flight away for a weekend break.  Surely enough!
  6. Great Food – With lots of competition, the region’s restaurants cater for a wide diversity of cuisine styles!
    There’s something for every taste and plenty of it too.  Great quality and fresh produce is often home grown or at least brought into the region by Florida’s fabulous ports.
    Seafood, ‘Island’ Caribbean influences, and an eclectic collection of top restaurants make Central Florida an exciting opportunity to dine in style!
  7. Endless, literally endless fun! – OK, we know you probably knew already, but we have some amazing theme parks right here in Orlando.
    But, there’s so much more than the obvious here too.  As a full time Floridian, you will join us in the joy of discovering the real beauty and charm that is so often overlooked by the +55 million tourists that come into the region each year.  Whether it’s a glass bottom boat ride on one of the crystal clear warm water springs, a visit to Bok Tower Gardens or an adrenalin filled Everglades airboat ride, there’s a magic here that is irresistible.  That hidden beauty is the true appeal of Florida, and it is truly everywhere, when you open your eyes and see past the obvious.
  8. Life’s a Beach! – Well actually dozens of them when you realize that the Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast beaches are just a quick family road trip away from the Tourism areas and residential communities of Central Florida.  The Atlantic Coast is regarded as one of the best USA surfing regions, thanks to a regular supply of energy (waves), and that glorious weather.
    Over on the Gulf, life seems to slow right down.  It’s hard to explain why or how, but a day there is the ultimate chill out therapy and the gently sloping sands offer waist high water for family fun.
  9. Space Coast – Although the charm and mystique of the Space Shuttle Program is no more, the Kennedy Space Centre is a fabulous full day visit opportunity for science fans.
    For residents, the regular launches from Kennedy and Canaveral are a way of life.  Worth keeping in your diary, especially for the spectacular night time launches.  Just another great part of life in Florida, that is visible from just about any part of the Central Florida region!
  10. Great people define Florida – Whether you are relocating from another state, or arriving from another country, you will quickly realize that it’s a very warm and friendly place.
    That high population growth pretty much means that your kids’ class mates also came from out of town.  They know how important it is to feel welcome and your children.
    Friendships and ‘fitting in’ are a way of life in the Sunshine State!

If you’d like to know more about owning a dream home in Central Florida, contact us today for the best advice and we’d be happy to take care of you.
View our Custom Home Portfolio

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Top 10 Considerations For Lake Front Homes

At Oct 24, 2016
Luxury Lake Home - Twilight

Watering in the Landscaping at our latest Lake Nona custom build!

  • Are watercraft allowed?  – Do check the legal requirements for access on to the water.  Some lakes and waterways permit nothing at all, not even a kayak, while others might prohibit motor craft of any kind.  Your dreams could soon be dashed without good research!
  • Are Boat Docks or slipways permitted? – Although the home has easy access to the water’s edge, it does not necessarily mean that you can moor your watercraft to your land on a permanent basis.  Thankfully the builder or realtor can easily check such matters out for you in advance.  Some restrictions may apply to the number of piers to the boat dock.
  • Do you want water and electricity on the dock? – Being able to service your boat with water, or power up portable tools can be a make or break for a boat owner.  Be sure to make provision to supply your boat dock with utilities.  Above all, its a lovely lifestyle touch to run a drinks cooler for a lazy afternoon on your boardwalk!
  • Choosing the best materials – the aesthetics of the boat dock should be sympathetic to the surroundings and architecture of your own home.  Tasteful design makes a huge difference!
    Modern materials also make for weather resistance, and much needed in humid or sun drenched states.
  • Future Proof your water craft! – You may be happy with your current boat now, but what will your future needs bring?  Can your boat dock cope?
    Another great piece of advice is to hold back on buying a boat right away.  You could easily select the wrong boat, so spend some time with your new neighbors and increase your knowledge if you can!
  • Bugs are a part of life by the water – Pool screens are the best way to secure a bug free lanai, but modern retractable screens offer solutions to balconies and terraced areas without disturbing the view of the lakeside from the main living areas of the home.
  • Fabulous wildlife to admire – Much overlooked by potential lake front owners, the lake front wildlife is adorable.  Discover or create some cool vantage points to sit and relax with your new ‘community’.  Cameras, binoculars and sketch pads will inevitably become a part of your family life!  Don’t be fearful of gators, but be mindful and design the yard area to keep these cool animals in there part of the world, not yours!
  • Fishing – is always a great way to enjoy the peace of your amazing lake front home.  Research the species in your lake and what lures, bait and techniques work best!
  • Summer kitchens – whether it is down by the dockside, or a part of your lanai, those summer kitchens are perfect for much needed quality family time.  Most family memories are captured during meal times and your stunning new McNally custom home is the perfect place to nurture those precious moments!
  • Locations are limited – Hardly any new lakes get built, so be mindful that lake lot prices will always outgrow the costs of a regular inland lot.  What may seem pricey now, will seem a missed opportunity in years to come if you don’t seize the right opportunity at the right time!
  • Do your research – Understand the historic and typical water levels in the area and design driveways, walkways and your home in general to avoid any damage or inconvenience.  Water levels will occasionally rise, so make sure you have taken the necessary precautions.
    Check insurance costs for your home before you buy, or ask your realtor or builder for a list of insurers that specialize in water front homes.

If you’d like to know more about owning a McNally lake side home, contact us today!

As experts in the design and construction of luxury custom homes within Central Florida, we’d love to be a part of your family’s next adventures!
We will work carefully with your own plans and designs, or gladly create a collection of concepts and ideas that can be fine tuned to your precise requirements.




Advanced Design in A Modern Custom Home!

At Oct 20, 2016
Reunion Resort Mansion Rendering

Luxury Mansion Currently Under Construction at Reunion Resort by

Traditionally, a 2H pencil scratched out the design of just each and every property within much of the 20th century.
Since the 90s, advances in software development offers powerful creative digital packages that create digital files that are transmitted around the globe at the touch of a button.
Easy to read email attachments are perfect for our discerning clients, that are often based thousands of miles away from the home site.
Although the design time has shortened to some degree, the quality and detailing of the end product is vastly superior to those precious drafting papers of yesteryear.
Most importantly, the homeowner no longer needs to be skilled in ‘reading drawings’ to visualize the results.

Now McNally creates the most amazing floor plans along with 3D interactive ‘walk throughs’, and superbly accurate renderings that demonstrate every possible detail of a home.
The design team can visually verify all of the key features in a design, and even in some cases, an opportunity to improve an area that lacks the ‘wow factor’!
Owners, project managers and the client’s realtor can share visuals online, long before the land is cleared for construction.
Not only does the McNally design process give a realistic insight into a dream home, it goes a long way to avoiding any omissions or misinterpretations.

Our latest build, is a magnificent 14,000 sqft (under roof), 12,000 sqft mansion, located just within minutes of Walt Disney World.
Nestled along the peaceful Jack Nicklaus PGA course at Reunion Resort, keen golf fans will be familiar with the address.
Desert Mountain Ct. borrows its name from another legendary Nicklaus course in Scottsdale Arizona, and a location of that stature commands a lot of respect.
Our design team wanted to do justice to the Nicklaus name and pay homage in the best way possible; a magnificent luxury mansion.
The sumptuous property enjoys stunning views over the 1st tee and fairway of the Reunion Resort’s most beautiful and challenging course.

McNally’s in-house design service provides quick, cost effective responses that assure the team that every small detail of a home has been tended to with expertize.

Because your next home is going to be unique and extraordinary, we would love the opportunity to meet with you, discuss your dream project, at no cost to yourselves!

Contact us today at;

407 352 8200


Reunion Resort Pool Deck Rendering

12 Bedroom Mansion on Desert Mountain, Reunion Resort


Pool Deck Detail Artist Impression

Pool Deck With Golf Views in Reunion West, Orlando


Bear’s Den Club Site Update

At Oct 05, 2016

Reunion Resort Update

The latest drone aerial video of the Bear’s Den Club reveals that the site grading and roadworks are well under way near the Nicklaus course 18th.
The clubhouse preparation, parking lots and condo areas are becoming more defined as each week passes and the area is finally showing promise of the much awaited clubhouse over on the West side of the resort.

The lots are now more visible now that the service liners are being installed.
We will keep bringing more about this amazing new opportunity to build and own your own luxury home at Reunion, with a first at the resort;

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